Free Photo Corkboard

Join the group:
and get the gift here:

go the shop to have a look at the many nice things there and get all the prizes from the hunts, gifts, and slap the Midnight Mania board and the Mini Mania board.

Free Skins at Amacci

To recieve this Amacci group. Join either the subscribomatic and go to history to take your gift or join the Amacci group and go to notices (or to the shop) to take your gift. There is no fee to join the group.

Purrfect 10, Free Shoes

Purrfect 10
There are two groups at Purrfect 10:

- Purrfect 10 - free to join. Only the blue shoes are available at the moment.

- Purrfect 10 VIP Members - 510 lindens to join. 11 shoes are available to vip members at the moment.

Do not forget to get your free skin toner.

Aleida, Free Hair

The group gift is in notices, the owner had some problems setting it up in the shop and she sent it in a notice.

Have a look at the shop, there are some very nice things...

Playing Princess

Hair: LollipopZ.
Skin: *~ B & D ~* Amanda.
Dress: Grimorio red velvet - Free.
Pose: {.:exposeur:.} Pretty Princess 2.

Hair: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Beatrice.
Skin: -Glam Affair- Mary.
Dress: Grimorio green velvet - Free.
Pose: dfo! the girl who waited.

Hair: *DarkerSide* Dee Blonde.
Skin: -Glam Affair - Mary.
Dress: .: Grimorio creations:. Eagle blue.
Pose: Olive Juice.


Baoba's Fantasy

Umbrella: ***** BaObA ***** - 1 linden. This shop is really beautiful and the designs are amazing.

Hair: ChiChickie!

Skin: :: Exodi :: Isolde.

Dress: Agnes Finney_Spring @ My Precious 2.

Shoes: OoEas! for FabFree.

Skin Madness

Group gifts at Yasum Design, no fee to join.
- 3 skin fat-packs for females:
- 2 skin fat-packs for males (choice of tattoo or not tattoo):

- another female skin inside the shop:

Mojo's Free Skins

If you missed the last group gifts, hurry to Mojo, some of them are available again. 5 free skins.

Breaking Traditions?

Hat: Spain Hat, Baoba - 1 linden.

Hair: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Sibila Hair Majestic.

Skin: [Al Vulo!] - [ inuit elena  group gift ].

Lipstick: *LpD* - Lipstick Cherry - Free.

Cleavage enhancer: (AMD) Brielle - Pale.

Outfit: :.Envious Group Gift.: Like That.

Pose: Glitterati.

Gifts and More at Beautiful Dirty Rich

Hair: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Misty Hair Pink.
Skin: Mary, Glam Affair.
Lipstick: Glam Affair.
Outfit: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Black Star (Group Gift May).
Pose: [Shelle]

Beautiful Dirty Rich

You can find here several group gifts and freebies, including the one in the picture. It comes with a texture change hud so you can personalize it. There are a couple of Midnight Mania boards, too.

Here you can find more than 30 free hairs and a couple of dollarbies.

Look around, there are more freebies and promos in the shop.

Darkness Inside (May 7-June 7)

Darkness Inside Hunt:

"001 Hint Giver is on the fence outside

002 Hint giver is just outside the left hand entrance next to the hunt signs


005 When you land turn round, towards the back of the landing area on the right side there's a spot where all the hunt signs are (across from the lucky chairs). A hint giver is here amongst the signs for the events that Roawenwood is participating in. Enjoy!

Read more here:

Sculpted Jacket, Group Gift at KOKO

Sculpted jacket, new group gift at KOKO. No fee to join.

There are also some lucky chairs and three female skins free for avatars under 6 months old.

Celtic Amazon Warriors for Life - CAW Hunt for Life (May 16 - July 16)

Runs: May 16th - July 16th 2011
CAW Hunt For Life is a hunt being run as a fundraiser for the Relay For Life the American Cancer Council benefit event. It is a fantasy themed hunt. 

Hunters will be required to give a donation & JOIN THE HUNT GROUP to receive the hints & store information. Make the minimum suggested donation (99 lindens) to receive item.

The Haunted Beauty

hO wEAr - 25 lindens.
The Haunted in 5 colours: purple, red, teal, bubblegum dark and charcoal. (Heidi is going away for the weekend so there won't be a new 25-linden outfit tomorrow)

Photoshop Actions: Face Makeup & Skin Smoothing

- Photoshop Tutorials and Tips from Spishak Sorbet @ PNP -

This is a fast and easy way to automate the cleaning up and enhancement of facial features for secondlife photography. 

Photoshop Tutorials and Tips from Spishak Sorbet @ PNP

Spishak Sorbet, Poses N Props has some very interesting Photoshop tutorials and tips. Here are a couple of videos where he tells us how to remove a blue screen, how to smooth out avatars and completing a basic pro photo.

Beautiful Fantasy Dreams

Fairies and unicorns are part of the fantasy world... They do not exist in our world... or do they? If you are a dreamer, you know that we are not alone... fairies, unicorns and other amazing creatures live among us... some in rl and many more in sl.

There are many kinds of fairies, many love the night time, the moon, the stars...

They love dancing under the moonlight...

Fairies love stories, they love sharing the stories they know and learning new ones. That's why they love books... They are the librarians of our world. If you want to make them happy, ask them to tell you a story...

Outfit and accessories: **Angelwing** Adorabelle White/S set.
This outfit comes with more accessories, not shown in the pictures.
Hair: Battle Angel, Christmas Gift.
Skin: -Glam Affair - Mary Natural.

In the Sun... with Eye Candi

Skin, shape, eyes, eyelashes: Eye Candi, Profile Picks Reward.
Clothes: Eye Candi Sand & SunHunt Gift (June 15 - July 20) - not out yet.
Hair: Zoe - Majestic, Hair & Hair.
Pose: Shelle.

Profile Picks Reward:

Gifts and Dollarbies:
Eye Candi Princess Wedding Ring Giftie - Free.
Eye Candi Glamorous AO 1L! - 1 linden.


Eye Candi Shape Package - Kirsten plus Dress Shape - 249 lindens.
Eye Candi Skin - Naomi - Dark - Bouncer (Limited Edition) - 60 lindens.
Eye Candi Skin - Kirsten - Light - Makeup 2 - 249 lindens.

There are several hunts and more promos in the shop, and there is a discount room upstairs.

Curious Kitties' Gifts

Curious Kitties

*C:K* *UPDATE GROUP GIFT* Sexy Fairy Dress - Curious Color.
*C:K* *UPDATE GROUP GIFT* Nyanotech 09-3B Hair - Foxykitty V2

*C:K* *FREE* Year of The Bunnie Hat.
*C:K* *FREE* Year of the Bunny Legwarmers.
*C:K* *FREE* Year of the Bunny Necklace.
*C:K* Azil Peaceful Sakura Skins.
*C:K* Peaceful Sakura Choker - Red.
*C:K* Peaceful Sakura Choker - White.
Peaceful Sakura Choker - Dark Pink.
Peaceful Sakura Choker - Light Pink.
and more...

Creative Angel Hunt

Creative Angel Hunt

"After an eternity of peace and quiet, one night a powerful storm ripped through the heavens, scaring all the angels. The angels had never seen such a sight. Some fled from their homes in confusion, some flew around lost and scared, and disoriented others had fallen through the heavens, tumbling to the ground to dwell with us. While the angels were falling their enchanted keys wound up lost and scattered here in our world. The keys are needed for them to return home to heaven, without the keys they will be lost forever."

Pictures of some of the gifts from the hunt:

You need to wear a badge to be able to collect the prizes from the keys. You can get the badge at the start location: 

At the start location, you get a folder with a couple of prizes, the badge, a notecard with the shops' landmarks... Wear the badge, use the notecard to get to the shops, find the keys, stand close to them and touch them. If a key doesn't deliver the first time, try again. There seems to be a small problem with some of them. You get a folder called 'CAH Hunt Items'. Add the name of each shop to the folders you get so you won't go crazy trying to organize your inventory.

Hope for Lupus


Hope for Lupus

An estimated 1.4 million people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with lupus for which there is no cure. The HOPE for LUPUS event will raise much needed funds to help continue critical research in finding a cure for this debilitating disease. May is Lupus Awareness Month.

Pura Vida Wellness Resort (Pura Vida) is hosting a Weekend of HOPE for LUPUS, an event to raise awareness of the fight for a cure to Lupus and raise money for the Lupus Foundation of Mid-America South Chapter. In conjunction with Maritima Inc., Pura Vida has created ~~Fashion for Hope~~ an auction of exclusive items donated by many well-known designers. ALL PROCEEDS will be donated directly to the Lupus Foundation. All events will be held at Pura Vida Wellness Resort located on the Costa Rica Sims.  Donation prims will also be open at all events beginning with the auction on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, everyone is encouraged to enjoy music and comedy by some of the best entertainers in SL®. While we may shop, dance, and laugh, may we do it in support of those who might not.

     Friday May 20, 2011
 **6 p.m. (SLT) Auction**

~~~MUSIC for HOPE~~
   Saturday, May 21st

**12 p.m. (SLT) Bones Writer**

**7 p.m. (SLT) The Follow**

~~~LAUGH for HOPE~~
    Sunday, May 22nd
**3 p.m. (SLT) Show**

For more information:


MY STORY: Tosha Bergan, Owner Pura Vida Wellness Center

At the age of 11, misdiagnosed, my brother William suffered from various symptoms that limited his young life. It was not until October 2005, ten years later, that he was diagnosed with Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). He was 21 years old.

Any disease like this takes a tremendous toll on the patient as well as family members. For this reason,  I do all that I can to raise awareness, funds, and serve as a group support facilitator for the Lupus Foundation of America to help others cope and to hope for a cure.

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic autoimmune disease that can affect the joints and almost every major organ in the body, including the heart, kidneys, skin, lungs, and brain.


Contact Tosha Bergan, organizater of this event, for any further information.

Cold Beautiful Mena

- TBS - Skins and more
Mena Skin - Cold Makeup, a group gift.

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