Free Skins at Mynerva

Happy birthday to Mynerva! and happy hunting to us. It is their fourth anniversary and there are 5 cupcakes with free skins inside waiting to be found. You need the group for this hunt, it costs 50 lindens to join, but you get 11 skins: 4 are group gifts at the shop and the other skins are inside the cupcakes you need to find, there are no hints because they are very easy to find. 4 downstairs and 1 upstairs. This hunt finishes on the 2nd of May.


Hell Raizer at hO wEAr

I was so busy yesterday that I forgot to go to hO wEAr to see the new 25 linden outfit. Just in case you do not know, hO wEAr offers new releases for just 25 lindens on the day they are released, Monday to Friday. I suddenly remember that I had not gone to see Friday's realease so I had a look at their blog, saw the outfit and ran to the shop! Apart from the clothes you get the skin, the eyes, the wings, tail and the horns... all for just 25 lindens.  Boots not included. Hurry!!! because this offer finishes soon.

hO wEAr

Three Looks

Hair: Eeeeeester basket #3 - Anabell Caramel Light Blue *Battle Angel*
Eyes: PR!TTY : Hidden Sekrit : Sky Blue Eyes - Group Gift.
Skin: Touch of sensuality Easter hunt~mISs rOUx #33 - 10 lindens.
Dress: SHIKI-dress ROSE GARDEN-for Pee Wee Herman Hunt.

Hair: .:: KMH ::. HairColorSample v1 - Black.
Eyes: PR!TTY : Hidden Sekrit : Sky Blue Eyes - Group Gift.
Skin: (#3#)F.Victim Hunt (Olivia's Style) - .::FD::. Jasmine skin #1.
Jacket: *: Lo*momo :* Groupgift.
Pants: [VS] Style Special Winter.

Hair: Battle Angel Evil Bunny Hunt - Angelike Black Hell *Battle Angel*
Eyes: PR!TTY : Hidden Sekrit : Sky Blue Eyes - Group Gift.
Skin: #25 D&L Hunt - Iren ::::Lear::::fair/Depraved and Luckless.
Earrings: #20#F.Victim Hunt (::.SPLASH STORE.::)
Dress: (#NUMBER#27)F.Victim Hunt (SHIKI) - SHIKI-Babydoll dress Yellow.
Pose: <( -_0 )> - #20 - BE-Lo.Te

PR!TTY Gifts


Fashion Victim Hunt: (#5#)F.Victim Hunt (PR!TTY)

:Gift!: PR!TTY : Bow Headband :Grey Recolorable:
:Gift!: PR!TTY : New Poses!
:Gift!: PR!TTY : Owls R Kyoot Dress

Group gifts: PR!TTY : All Gifts : Unreleased Hair - Clothes - Etc
Clothes, hair, skins, eyes... just touch the board with your group tag on and get a box with lots of group gifts.

Where is...? Hunt (May 1 - May 22)

Where is...? Hunt (May 1 - May 22)

You need to find a donut.

Start location:


Monica Special Edition Skins from Glam Affair

-Glam Affair - Monica Tan skin - TDR 28 - 70L$ @ the Dressing Room.

-Glam Affair- Monica summer E U P H O R I A - 100L$ @ E U P H O R I A F a s h i o n W e e k.

Both skins come with dark and blond brows, bald and hairbase. They are limited offers so hurry!

You can get the summer edition skin at the EUPHORIA Fashion Week free if you join the Modavia Fashion Marketing group:

Join, get the 100 linden gift card in notices. Get it out of the box and wear it, follow the instructions in the card and you can get this skin or any of the other things at the EUPHORIA Fashion Week.

Choose well what you want to get because you can use this promotion only once.

Dollarbie and Group Gifts at Essential Soul

*ES* Run for Love - couple pose, 1 linden.

*ES* PROPOSER Gift. Join:

*ES* Gift. Join:

Free Hair and More at Discord Designs (-dDx-)

April Fools Hunt:
April Fools 31 - Discord Designs (-dDx-) - gesture, animation and tattoo.
April Fools 31 - -dDx- (Discord Designs) Hair in 4 colours + hairbases.

-dDx- EFB01 - Auburn - 1 linden.
-dDx- ESB01 - Cool Brown - 1 linden.

Fabulous Skybox and Jacket from Lo*momo

Lo*momo has two fabulous gifts for group members: a great skybox and the beautiful jacket in the picture.

Uncensored Fantasy

Pose: LAP (Long Awkard Pose).
Hair: Seasons Spring Hunt - Clawtooth: Careless Whisper - Dreamy Red.
Skin: -Glam Affair - Monica summer skin.
Dress and shoes: .::CENSORED::. (Group Gift).
Look for the Fashion Victim prize at Censored - #17#F.Victim Hunt .::CENSORED - Barbie Girl Boots.

Free to Use Photo Studio in Second Life

I did not know you could upload your profile photo for free until I read that notice at the Photo Studio Project. It is good news for newbies and those who cannot afford to upload one.

'Photo Studio Project' by Revision McCallen.

A public "do it yourself" photo studio that is free to use (2275 single poses and 197 couples poses in 16 free to use photo studios), with scripted multiperson pose stands, and your own backgrounds (you just need the link to your uploaded backgrounds).

Spring Essences

Girl on the left:
Hair: Seasons Spring Hunt - Plume - Spring/Onyx.
Skin: ESSENCES Group Gift: (8 skins + hair bases + blush + shape)
Top: Seasons Spring Hunt - Willow - Cinched Waist Tank- Floral.
Jeans: Seasons Spring Hunt - This is a Fawn - Pegged Jeans [floral] 2.
Shoes: Seasons Spring Hunt - un Jour - Basic Flats.

Girl on the right:
Hair with hat: Seasons Spring Hunt - Hello Spring Hair ( Mocha) Final.
Skin: Mix and Match Hunt: M&MH 112 * ESSENCES *
Top: Seasons Spring Hunt -Ingenue ::
Pants: Seasons Spring Hunt - *Valiant* 3/4 Chino Style Pants - Green.

Poses and Prop: Seasons Spring Hunt - LAP (Long Awkard Pose).

The Lazy Daisy Hunt (1st to 31st May)

The Lazy Daisy Hunt 1st to 31st May

This hunt is newbie friendly. Join the group for further hints and help.

The Lazy Daisy Hunt is all about summer:  summer clothes, plants, skins, furniture...

Start Location:

Best Selling Creations Hunt (25 April - 8 May)

Best Selling Creations Hunt  (25 April - 8 May)

You must be subscribed to the Letter Of the Week (LOW) Sale scribomatic to receive the gifts on this hunt.  To subscribe, touch the BSC Hunt kiosk at the hunt starting point, TPE @ Synergy Square, or at any of the participating stores.

You can see locations, hints and pictures of the gifts here:

Beautiful Lisana

Hunting at Morea Style can be very dangerous because you are surrounded by beautiful things and you start looking at them and wanting them instead of just getting on with the hunt.

This beautiful dress is called Lisana. It comes with different options, short and long skirt. You can wear it at a cocktail or at formal event, with or without the bow.

Hair: [V] Vignette Gibson.
Makeup: .:Glamorize:. Violet Chic - Eyes, Blush and Lips.
Poses: Exposeur.

Morea Style Design:
Group: secondlife:///app/group/754b8146-f24b-4718-f22c-29b97da01bd2/about

Hunts, Group Gifts and More at LoveFactory

Join the group to get the group gift, a cute Easter frame. It is next to the MiniMania board.

You can get two freebies online:


- Aprils Fool (1 April - 30 April):
April Fools 09 - !-[LoveFactory]- Spring tulips. (The other one has candy)

- One Night in SL (8 April - 8 May)
One Night Hunt #13 !- [LoveFactory] - One night lovers' tray.

- Happy Birthday Hunt (1 April - 30 April):
 HBH #021 - !-[LoveFactory]- Tulips delivery.

- Taste of the Fifties (1 April - 30 April):
A Taste of the 50's Hunt Object #32 - 5 o'clock tea.

- Why So Blue (1 April - 30 April):
28. !-[LoveFactory]- - why so blue - Wall picture frame blue royale.

- The Whiz (15 April - 15 May):
WSH #050 !-[LoveFactory]- Whizical basket.

- Best Selling Creations (25 April - 8 May):
BSC Hunt #2 !-[LoveFactory]- Photo corkboard.

And... there is a 50% off Sale!

Hunt, Gifts and More at Allusions

Allusions has some of the best jeans in all Second Life! There are also other things to get there like the prize from the Fashion's Victims Hunt. I'm just showing here one of the options, but there are several skirts included for different looks.

Hair: .:EMO-tions :. RICARDA - CHRISTMAS gift.
Skin: !RT group gift - Valentine Skins.
Outfit: Purple-Rose outfit, #6 F.Victim Hunt (Allusions).
Boots: hO wEAr - #2::DUCE::2# Rave.

There are more gifts waiting for you at Allusions... I love this sofa, it is inside a blue box with a green bow, on the shelf. You get the sofa and the jeans.

Hair: .:EMO-tions :. RICARDA - CHRISTMAS gift.
Skin: !RT group gift - Valentine Skins.
Top: Part of the Purple-Rose outfit.
Jeans: 80's Flashback-Tri-Color, Allusions - Free.
Boots: hO wEAr - #2::DUCE::2# Rave.

While you are there, don't forget to get the free handbag and the free jeans, and have a look around, there are some nice things that won't leave you broke, some are very cheap.

Easter Egg Hunt at Zero Cool

There's an Easter Hunt at Zero Cool. You need to find 8 eggs to get all the prizes. Here I am with some of the things you can get:

I am wearing the ZC Desert Camouflage Chucks and sitting next to: Hug Your Heart Icebear (a really cute animated teddy bear), ZC Zen Inspiration, ZC Sweet Like Candy, ZC Orchid's Decoration, and ZC Table Fireside Opposites Attract, very beautiful things that will nicely decorate your home.

You can also get these great shoes (ZC Velvet Temptation White):

or, my favourite, ZC Casual Sneakers Nr2:

Hair: ChiChickie! Robin - Mixed Darks - 10 lindens from the secret sale.
Skin: [Al Vulo!] - [ bitter choco  group gift ]
Jeans: magi take skinny jeans [ purple ] - Group gift.
Sneakers: ZC Casual Sneakers Nr2 - Easter Hunt at Zero Cool.

More information and promos:

New Places, New Gifts from Paris Metro

The designer of Paris Metro beautiful tree art has opened a garden center, and Paris Metro  wants to celebrate and has a beautiful gift for everybody who visits that new garden center.

Paris Metro has another gift for us at the Isle of Santorini. Greeks bearing gifts... Why does that sound familiar? I wonder... Anyway, the gown is beautiful!

Hunts and Freebies at Glitterati

Some days ago, the members of the GLITTERATI group got a gift: a luxury texture change chair that dispenses champagne and has three couple poses. It is called 'Lapdance' (Oh my!) and you can get it at the shop now for free, even if you aren't a member of the group. It is just a taste of the new section in the shop called GLITTERATI-X. You can get it here: 

There are also a couple of hunts at the shop, the Seasons Hunt - Spring:

and the BSC Hunt #32 GLITTERATI - Bestselling Creations Hunt (25th April - 1st May). More information about that hunt here:  

I love GLITTERATI's animations, poses and props!

Crazy Hair

EMO-tions has released some crazy, but nice, hair. The first one includes a pose so you can take pictures of yourself pulling your hair out... very convenient for those crazy moments SL gives us sometimes...

EMO-tions has all kinds of hair: cute, romantic, "sensible", wild, ideal for roleplaying... also, lots of free and discounted hair here for male and female avatars:

New group gift for men: NO MERCY - chin goatie in naturals / brown.


Touch of Sensuality Easter Hunt at Silent Nights

The prize from the Touch of Sensuality Easter Hunt at Silent Nights is a very pretty tree trunk with flower pot and grass, and 11 poses, so you can take that perfect picture or do some role playing. It only costs 10 lindens.

Piou Piou Little Chick

A Piou Piou Little Chic free. It is a group gift.

There are two lucky chairs, two Midnight Mania boards, a lucky board and some cheap things in the shop. Have a look.

Easter Egg Hunt at Eye Candi

There is an Easter Egg Hunt at Eye Candi from April 17 through 24. 6 eggs have been hidden in the shop, there are gifts for both male and female avatars. The minidress and the purse  in the picture are from this hunt.

Group gifts, gifts, lucky boards, camping chairs, rewards for picks, hunts... lots of things to see and do at Eye Candi.

Free W.C. at Wet Cat

Menu driven W.C. with 6 poses, a group gift from Wet Cat.

::Wet Cat::


Other stuff:
::WetCat:: "One Fine Day", a pose for couples - 5 lindens.
Emoter Hud - Free.
::WetCat:: "Hand in Hand", a pose for couples - Free.
Yeah Toast!!! Hunt - YTH 083.
::WetCat:: Dollarbie - VolleyBall.

Gorgeous Plum Bed with Menu (1 Linden)

Today's dollarbie is a gorgeous plum bed with sex and cuddle menus! If you miss any of the dollarbies they are on sale at The Dominion Fashion District location  for just 50 lindens. next to the dollarbie of the day. Get them here:

Join The Vinyl Cafe Group to get information and group gifts, like this minidress:

Hunts and Gifts at Poised

Poised has some gifts for Easter, group gifts, several hunts (Mix and Match Hunt,  Aprils Fool Hunt andCover My Furry Butt Hunt), lucky boards, lucky chairs... Have a look around, I am sure you will find something you like.



Buy every individual colour (not the board) for 0 lindens each.


A Limited Time Edition collection of HOTNESS in black and white!

Pink Moon at Cilian'gel 1920's Boutique

Live the Roaring 20's to the fullest wearing this ravishing pink silk and lace undergarments. A must have for all the flapper girls out there. The brassiere and bloomers come with a delicate handmade lace flower as hair ornament. Shoes are not included.

Original price 79 Lindens, but you can get it now for 39 Lindens, 50% discount, only  till May 1st.

Cilian'gel 1920's Boutique

Remember to get her gifts. There are always dollarbies and gifts in her shops.

Yeah Toast!! Hunt (April 8 - May 8)

Yeah Toast!! (April 8 - May 8)

Group: *** Happy Hunters Hunt ***

Femdom Hunt (April 15 - 30)

Femdom Hunt (April 15 - 30) 
Look for a red high heel.
The hunt is an adult-themed hunt which, as the name implies, is aimed at the Second Life’s Femdom community. This is a circular hunt. The start location is any location in the hunt.
Group: The Femdom Hunt

10 Linden Sale and Gifts at Urban Girl

Beautiful skin, a gift for group members. Check notices, there are lots of gifts there.

Urban Girl is on sale and everything costs 10 lindens. I do not know for how long, so hurry, just in case.

Cover My Furry Butt Hunt (April 1 - April 30)

Cover My Furry Butt Hunt (April 1 - April 30)
Look for a sculpty paw.
Group: Cover My Furry Butt

April Fools Hunt (April 1 - April 30)

April Fools Hunt (April 1 - April 30)

Don't be fooled by the vendors in this difficult hunt! Each one has hidden not one but 2 prize filled goodies (in addition to any non-filled decoys). The catch? one of those prizes is a dud, and the other is the real prize. Better find both prizes at each location or you could end up with prim cubes, spoons and logo t-shirts instead of the awesome real prizes.

Group: Eclectic Dreams Hunts

Hunt and Gift at Morea Style Design

Find 4 chocolate eggs to get a complete outfit and a skirt with a belt. The hunt lasts only a week, so hurry.

Egg 1: skirt.
Egg 2: belt for skirt.
Egg 3: pant for outfit.
Egg 4: sweater for outfit.

There is also a beautiful outfit free for Easter, in one of my favourite colours.

And, do not miss the promos and sales at the shop, there are some great things there.

Morea Style Design:
Group: secondlife:///app/group/754b8146-f24b-4718-f22c-29b97da01bd2/about

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